A 32-page full-size newspaper celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and the quest for discovery that led humankind there. Comes with a letter-pressed decoder wheel and viewfinder to help you explore the newspaper and discover facts about the Apollo missions and the moon hidden within its pages. Packaged in a custom silkscreen-printed silver mylar bag to protect your newspaper from stray meteorites.

​​​​​​​On July 20, 2019, the Apollo 11 moon landing will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, this newspaper celebrates humankind’s greatest achievement and seeks to evoke the long dormant spirit of exploration and curiosity that brought us there. 11.50 Rediscovering Discovery is an abstract, typography-driven homage to that sense of collective discovery. It’s a hand-made invitation – complete with hand held tools – for readers to explore, learn from, and interact with the icons, facts, and figures that made it possible.

All profits from the sale of 11.50 Rediscovering Discovery will be donated to The Planetary Society to further the cause of space exploration.

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